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The Confederate flag has a controversial past Credit: AFP. The last time the state considered changing the flag was back in 2001, where keeping it was put to a vote. 65 percent of voters wanted to. The Confederate flag has a controversial past Credit: AFP. The last time the state considered changing the flag was back in 2001, where keeping it was put to a vote. 65 percent of voters wanted to keep the Confederate emblem as opposed to changing it to 20 white stars on a blue banner, signifying Mississippi's establishment as the 20th state in the USA

The Confederate flag was designed to represent a divided nation. It was flown during the Civil War when 11 states — Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas — broke from the nation to defend the practice of slavery THE confederate flag will never fly again, NASCAR has proclaimed, following weeks of demonstrations against racial inequality in the US culminating in several sweeping changes to US public conduct More than seven in ten (71 percent) white working-class Americans say the Confederate flag is more a symbol of southern pride than racism, a view shared by less than half (42 percent) of white college-educated Americans Confederate Flag in 1990. In the 1990s, many Southern state legislatures attempted to allow the use of the Confederate flag as a part of its political and civic heritage, since they consider it a part of the American history and do not view the flag as a representation of racism or any form of superiority While some argue the Confederate flag is a statement of Southern pride, over the years it has come to be viewed by many as an offensive and racist symbol. Confederate flag on Dictionary.com on June 11, 2020 due to a NASCAR decision to prohibit the flag at all its racing events and properties. See the word that rose 668,840% in searches due.

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  1. The Confederate States of America used three national flags during the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865, known as the Stars and Bars (1861-1863), the Stainless Banner (1863-65), and the Blood-Stained Banner (1865).. The Stars and Bars was unpopular among Confederates for its resemblance to the United States flag, which caused confusion during battle
  2. What does the Confederate flag symbolize? Asked by Wiki User. 0 1 2. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2010-03-01 03:52:56 2010-03-01 03:52:56
  3. The flag as we know it was born not as a symbol, but as a very practical banner. The commanders of the Confederate army in Virginia (then known at the Army of the Potomac) sought a distinctive emblem as an alternative to the Confederacy's first national flag—the Stars and Bars—to serve as a battle flag
  4. MANY people might know it best from the car in the Dukes of Hazzard but the Confederate battle flag has a dark, violent and bitter history which continues to provoke controversy to the present day
  5. Confederate heritage organizations effectively owned the flag and controlled its meaning. Even before World War II, cracks were evident in the foundation of the flag's status as a symbol of heritage. Occasional northern and African-American voices questioned the wisdom of displaying a flag they associated with disunity or treason
  6. The Confederate flag doesn't symbolize a states rights issue, it symbolizes the belief that whites are superior and have a justifiable, moral and genetic superiority, and are duty bound to exert it. There are not many more reasons that the Civil War was fought. There a few, but slavery was the pervading issue

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The flags of the Confederate States of America have a history of three successive designs during the nation's existence from 1861 to 1865. The flags were known as the Stars and Bars, used from 1861 to 1863, the Stainless Banner, used from 1863 to 1865,. the confederate flag is a symbol of treason, says the lincoln project in new ad WE KNOW WHO TRUMP IS June 1, 2020 - The Lincoln Project's latest ad, Treason, released today, laments American citizens who fly the confederate flag as a veil of patriotism when it is nothing more than a symbol of a treasonous, and failed uprising against the United States

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Confederate flag means and confederate flag symbolizes slavery do the confederate battle flag s colors Do The Confederate Battle FlagRead More What Does The Confederate Flag Symbolize The Confederate Flag means different things to different people. But could knowing the true purpose of the colors on the flag change minds and heart? Is it true that these colors don't run?.

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Here's why some see racism in the Confederate flag and others see southern pride A Sacramento historian says the Confederate flag is tied both to southern rebellion but also to a 'deep, deep racism. Symbolic Impact of Flag Burning . Some believe there can be mystical connections between symbols and what they symbolize for example, that one can write something on a piece of paper and burn it to influence what was symbolized by the words Confederate dispelling the myths the confederate flag symbolizes white what does the confederate flag local civil war reenactors see concernsRead More What Does The Confederate Battle Flag Symbolize

Chicago Tribune Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Clarence Page talks about a confederate flag outside the White House during the anti government shutdown pro.. The rebel flag (Confederate flag) dates from the Civil War (1861-1865); the flag has a blue cross with 13 stars on a red background. Americans still argue if it is a racist symbol or a historical symbol The Confederate States of America, a group of seven states that supported slave ownership in the mid-1800s and wanted to secede from the U.S., did not use the current Confederate flag as its. The Confederate flag is and always will be a symbol of those Southern beliefs that we are so rightfully ashamed of today. I am not an African-American citizen, however I can only imagine that it might hit a nerve. It would, me, if my ancestors had once been subject to those shameful conditions When asking What does the Confederate flag represent? there are a slew of different answers that can be given. According to Wikipedia, it's historically seen to represent racism.

What Does the Confederate Flag Really Symbolize? In 1957, Congress created the national CWCC to oversee the planning of the 1965 Civil War Centennial. The idea was to promote reconciliation. This was a nationwide effort During the American Civil War (1861-65), the Confederate States of America began to use its first flag, the Stars and Bars, on March 5, 1861. After the First Battle of Bull Run, when similarity between the Stars and Bars and the Union Stars and Stripes made it difficult for troops to distinguish friend from foe, Confederate commanders petitioned for a new flag The Confederate flag was adopted to represent a short-lived rebellion to extend and protect white supremacy and black slavery. For 75 years, it was used as a reminder of the nobility of that cause what does the confederate flag symbolize. Your what does the confederate flag symbolize Resource Search Google: Other what does the confederate flag symbolize Resources: Why the Confederate Flag is a RACIST Symbol. promote alternate symbols and statements. that symbolize anti-racism, unity and diversity. told that the confederate flag has to do with heritage In the past week, arsonists have burned to the ground several black churches in the South. Perhaps these fires have nothing to do with race. Yet, these crimes along with the racially motivated murder of nine African-American Christians in Charleston, S.C., draw attention to the racism the Confederate flag represents for many African-Americans

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So let me begin tonight with some negatives. I want to tell you what the Confederate Battle Flag does not represent! I want to tell you what it does not symbolize and I want you to hear me very carefully, because I am going to give you the historical proof for what I am going to say. First of all, the Confederate Battle Flag is not a racist flag The Confederate flag represents pride in the face of poverty to Massey, who came to Mississippi in 2001, the same year voters decided against changing the state flag What does the confederate flag symbolize? (poll, racism, revolution, treason) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. After. The Confederate Battle flag has flown in the US long after the civil war. What it means in America today is tinged with a racist history

Do the Confederate Battle Flag's Colors Have Religious Significance? An image circulated online claims, among other things, that the use of red represents the blood of Christ It is obvious that some racists have appropriated and desecrated the Confederate battle flag for their pathetic causes, but those hateful folks also commonly display the Christian cross and the. what does the confederate flag symbolize to you? i just wanna know what goes through your mind when you see a confederate battle flag or and some call rebel flag. I view the Confederate flag as part of our countries history, a history that could be repeated if the government keeps going the way it is

Which Confederate flag? There were numerous types. I will assume you mean the Stars and Bars, or red background, blue X with white stars. It means to me what it really symbolizes - a battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia representing the thirteen states of the Confederate States of America Confederate soldiers deserve no monuments, no flags, no glory, and no honor. 750,000 people were killed in the Civil War, a failed armed rebellion against our nation The Confederate Army battle flag is without a doubt one of the most controversial symbols in American history. While some claim that it's simply a racially neutral symbol of Southern heritage. There were several flags of the Confederate States of America used during its existence from 1861 to 1865. Since the end of the American Civil War, personal and official use of Confederate flags, and of flags derived from these, has continued under some controversy.. The state flags of Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee are all based on Confederate flags The Confederate flag was not, in fact, the Confederate flag. The blue diagonal cross on the red field was never the official flag of the Confederate States of America. But it was the essential graphic element in the Confederacy's national flag beginning in 1863, and became the de facto symbol of the Confederacy - then and now

The Confederate Flag Within the United States of America, arguments, involving the Confederate Flag, are solved every sngle day. However, some controversies have managed to carry on from the 1800's until present day without any solution. The text and symbolic meaning behind the Confederate Flag is a perfect example Robert E. Lee would not allow any Confederate flags or symbols to be displayed at Washington College. He did not want to be buried in a Confederate uniform, nor did he want anyone marching in his funeral procession to wear a military uniform or carry a Confederate flag, because the war was over. I'll defer to his judgment on this Sure. The rebel flag as it's known was the color and design from a flag that only officially ever flew as a flag of war by the slavers side against the United States of America on the battlefield. The only enemy of that flag flew the Stars and S.. It's a good question. Burning a symbol can mean anything the person burning it wants. Based upon my experience that most people who would raise the flag as their symbol tend to be nationalistic and probably against burning of the US flag as free s..

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The Confederate Flag does not symbolize slavery. Yes that was one reason why the South secede from the Union but the biggest deal was the South was being taxed high on there cotton by Lincoln so. As for what the Confederate flag symbolizes in our day, that's a very different question. No flag can help how it's used. The U.S. flag could not help it when massive KKK rallies in the North in the early 1900s featured dozens, even hundreds, of U.S. flags. But for the most part, the U.S. flag..

The Confederate flag might not be seen or used by everyone as a racist symbol, but it wouldn't be the first time well-intentioned people had to give up a significant symbol that became. The controversy over the Confederate flag keeps threatening to devolve into a seminar in semiotics. What does the flag really symbolize—racism or Southern heritage The Confederate flag today was the last of four flags flown by the Confederacy. While design of the flags changed, each flag used the same colors as the American flag: red, white and blue. This decision is credited to Southern Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard. The Confederate flag in all its designs flew from 1861 to 1865, first flying in.

The movement quickly began to focus on symbols beyond the flag. In Memphis, the city council voted to remove a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Confederate general who oversaw the massacre of black Union soldiers and became a Ku Klux Klan leader after the Civil War.Months later, after a heated debate in December, the New Orleans City Council voted to remove three Confederate statues and. While it is historically accurate that the Confederate battle flag has been used as a symbol of hate and racism at various points in history, including by the Ku Klux Klan throughout the civil rights era (Newman, 2007; Thornton, 1996), the current motivations for supporting the flag should be the driver of discussions related to the flags' removal across the South The First Official Flag of the Confederacy. Although less well known than the Confederate Battle Flags,the Stars and Bars was used as the official flag of the Confederacy from March 1861 to May of 1863. The pattern and colors of this flag did not distinguish it sharply fom the Stars and Stripes of the Union This Thursday, June 18, 2015 file photo shows the Confederate flag on a monument to Hood's Texas Brigade at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas

For them, the flag does not symbolize slavery or racism but standing up to an overbearing federal government. BBC's Tom Geoghegan looked to Barry Isenhour, a member of a heritage group fighting to erect a large Confederate flag on a major road in Virginia, for insight on motivations behind flying the flag Roof's crime reignited a long-running debate over Confederate symbols in the US: several states began to remove Confederate icons—especially the Confederate battle flag—from public property

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What do you think when seeing a Confederate flag? Well, I can tell you most view it as a symbol of hate. Due to the groups, I myself avoid anyone who carries this flag. I wanted The Confederate flag was used by a government that oppressed black people. Hitler used the Swastika while murdering millions of Jews. The Swastika was a symbol of good luck before Hitler perverted its use. During the Spanish Inquisition many were killed under the banner of the Holy Cross. The cross was meant to symbolize Christ's love and. The South Carolina and American flags fly at half-staff as the Confederate flag unfurls below at the Confederate Monument June 18, 2015 in Columbia, S.C. (Sean Rayford/Getty Images The Confederate flag that still flies in some places and is used as a symbol. And I believe that we need to move toward an inclusive America that understands that pain,.

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What Does the Confederate Flag Symbolize? Sunday morning as I drove in to Ottawa I saw a sign that said, Welcome to Ottawa: We're Building an Inclusive Community. I was most impressed by the sign, but it wasn't long before I was shaking my head in shame as I passed a house with a confederate flag flying out fron The Confederate flag, best known as a symbol of white supremacy during the Civil War, was also a symbol of state resistance to human rights and democracy during the modern Civil Rights Movement. As Civil Rights Movement photographer Matt Herron explains, Southerners who believed in racial segregation displayed Confederate flags instead of the American flag. [ The Confederate flag we know today looks a lot different than the first version adopted in 1861. Here, a fascinating history of the controversial Confederate flag From then on, the battle flag grew in its identification with the Confederacy and the South in general. Later, a 13 th star was added for Kentucky. The Army of Northern Virginia battle flag assumed a prominent place post-war when it was adopted as the copyrighted emblem of the United Confederate Veterans Confederate Flag's Worth Flags are familiar symbols and popular with all ages. A flags definition is usually rectangular piece of fabric of distinctive design that is used as a symbol, as a signaling device, or as a decoration. (Alle, pg. 127) Most people today consider the Confederate Flag to be racist but others just see it as a way to say they are proud to be from the South

The KKK Understands What the Confederate Flag SymbolizesWhat Does the Confederate Flag Mean? - American Renaissance1000+ images about Native Pride on Pinterest | Indian

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Known as the rebel flag, the Southern Cross and the battle flag, a star-studded blue cross over a red field was originally the flag used by the Confederate army of the South in the U.S. Civil War. More than 150 years after the South surrendered, the flag remains a source of controversy in America What is the significance of the Confederate flag flying. Chapter 1. Asked by justin l #355720 on 2/3/2014 12:57 PM Last updated by jill d #170087 on 2/3/2014 2:17 PM Answers 1 Add Yours. Answered by jill d #170087 on 2/3/2014 2:17 PM The white children's school is named after Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy

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When combining these two symbols, it can create a very powerful image. As the flag flies, so does the Bald Eagle. We understand the subject of the Confederate flag is a touchy subject. It holds certain meanings to different people, but it doesn't mean people don't have the right to get the Confederate flag tattooed on their body One without control of a monarchy and the Don't Tread on Me flag was created to symbolize this. Either we are vigilant or we will be right back where we started under who knows who's control. I really do applaud you wholesomeness and will tell you their will always be soldiers who are willing to fight to ensure your freedom to speak your mind Does the Confederate flag represent a cultural heritage that has been neglected by historians and media, or does it symbolize hatred, discrimination, and white supremacy? These are not questions with easy answers, nor is there a simple answer to the question of how one treats schema-forming cultural symbols that elicits such powerful but polarized responses It has to do with how people feel about what the flag has come to symbolize. The waving of other flags in public recently also from what the monuments to confederate war heroes symbolize The Confederate flag is one of the more common white supremacist symbols. Although still used by non-extremists, especially in the South, as a symbol of Southern heritage or history, a growing number of people recognize it as a hate symbol

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